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Best Metatarsal Pads - Works with Heels, Boots, Sneakers, Flats & Other Uncomfortable Shoes


Best Metatarsal Pads.

Toelabs Metatarsal Pads are made of high-quality silicone and elastic fabric. Offering you cloud comfort, fitting nicely between the big toe and second toe and won’t make your feet sweat. Uses a soft, soothing gel pad to absorb shock and relieve pain and friction.


An elastic sleeve with a gel pad covering all 5 metatarsal bones to relieve pain in the front of the foot. Perfect for protecting and relieving callus from the soles of the feet.


Suffer no more! Get targeted relief for your forefoot. Are you looking for a way to wear your beautiful but painful heels or boots?  If your answer is 'YES' you're in the right place. Introducing Toelabs Metatarsal Pads. The Metatarsal Pads make you feel you're walking on a cloud!

REDUCE PAIN: Help relieve calluses, bunions, metatarsalgia, Morton neuromas, alleviates the pain at the balls of the feet. The ergonomic design addresses that exact pain spot and it doesn't slip and slide out of place. Pain-free!!

Leave stabbing foot aches and blisters behind - Wearing high heels hurts while you're in them, but blisters — blisters make everything hurt. Toelabs Metatarsal Pads are designed with a comfortable fabric surface that prevents your foot from sliding inside the shoe. So, you won't get blisters and other painful foot injuries. Plus it'll keep Metatarsalgia and unpleasant forefoot aches away.

Works wonders with heels, boots, sneakers, flats and any other uncomfortable shoes.  It's not only perfect for high heels. You can wear them with your uncomfortable boots, flats, and other shoes. While most forefoot sleeves force you to arch your foot all day long, Metatarsal Pads stretch to fit, allowing you to adjust the gel metatarsal pad to sit exactly where you need relief most.


Package Included:

  • 1 pair of Metatarsal Pads