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    Silicone Bunion Corrector Toes Separator

    Reduces Pain Caused By Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis


    • DISTRIBUTES PRESSURE: Three-arch support averages pressure across foot's arch, heel, and ball. It keeps your subtalar joint mobilization balance.

    • POSTURE CORRECTION: Straightens hips and prevents muscle imbalance. Corrects knick-knee and bow leg.

    • REDUCES PAIN caused by flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis and poor walking posture.

    • Great for those who STAND on their feet for PROLONGED periods of time and the ELDERLY.
    • FLEXIBLE for all feet size.


    • Professional Orthopedic Bunion Corrector is the Doctors' recommendation on adjusting your angled toe back to the natural position for skeletal realigning posture correction.

    • Three-arch support design redirects pressure evenly across arch, heel, and ball. Outstandingly supports the three-arch points to keep the subtalar joint mobilization balance.

    • Lab-proven to prevents hips and muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg.


    • 1 Pair Professional Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    I was leery initially as to if this product would be as comfortable as it claimed to be. I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging was perfect. The toe separators came in a canvas like drawstring bag complete with instructions for easy use. They slide right on. They are very comfortable, even when being active I don't feel discomfort. The only con is that the ringlets don't go around every toe. It does stay in place, when being active but sometimes needs adjusted. It is as it is described and looks just like the picture. I have arthritis. And part of that is curvature to my toes. I'm hoping this helps with that problem.


    Much less expensive than name-brand toe separators on the internet. Soft and comfortable while providing a good stretch. I can even wear them in my extra-wide New Balance shoes. The silicone seems delicate so I take them off gently to avoid tearing. So far so good.


    I wear these for 20 to 30 minutes every day and it works wonders. These are very effective in relieving toe pain. Highly recommended product


    I use the separators in the evening when I am settled for the day. I do not have shoes wide enough to accommodate wearing them during the day. Even the slides I have tend to allow the great toe and little toes to slip out of separator brace when walking. The separators are comfortable and definitely pull toes apart. After 2 weeks wearing my little toes is less curled under. Will continue to use.


    I love this so much. It is very easy to put on and take off. I use mine for ms foot pain. My crumpled toes are straightened and feel sooo much better after using this.
    Thank You.